2017-2018 Board of Directors:

From left to right:

David Kennedy – Parliamentarian

Dana Apple – Auditor

Treasurer – Millie Gunn

Secretary – Lisa Trent

Vice President (programs & publicity) – Pat Lewis

Vice President (membership) – Marie Bennett

President – Jodi Regan

Past President – Steve Soyka



2014-2015 Board of Directors : From left to right Gregory Seymour (past president), Marie Bennett, Steve Soyka, Betty Eskey, David Kennedy, Kathy Medley, Marilyn Cameron, John Tolson (past president), Jack Scroggins
2014-2015 Board of Directors

President – Steve Soyka
Vice President (Membership) – Jack Scroggins
Vice President (Programs) – Betty Eskey
Secretary – Kathy Medley
Treasurer – Marie Bennett
Parliamentarian – David Kennedy
Auditor – Marilyn Cameron
Past President – John Tolson




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