Upcoming Speakers:

August 12th – Sara Langberg, AeroVironment 

Sara Langberg, aeromechanical engineer for AeroVironment and one of the designers for the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter project. Sara told us all about the technology demonstration currently operating on Mars with the Perseverance rover, AeroVironment’s involvement in the project, and her own experiences working towards the very first powered flight on another planet.

 September 9th – Stratis Perros, City of Simi Valley 

Stratis Perros, Environmental Services Director, City of Simi Valley will provide an update of the Housing Element update process which is part of the City’s General Plan. This update will guide all new housing development in Simi Valley for the next eight years. We will hear the latest details of where they are in the process of the Housing Element.  He will also give us a status of pending and approved development projects along with a discussion on Accessory Dwelling Units.

 October 14th – Suzette Martinez Valladares, Assembly Member (AD-38)

Assembly Member Suzette Martinez Valladares (AD-38) will talk about her current work in the Assembly and on her committees. She is member of various committees and we expect to get updates on her work as Vice-Chair of the Committee On Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, & Internet Media and as a member of the Joint Committee On The Arts.

 November 11th – Karen Troop, Ventura County Court

Karen Troop – in addition to her work as a realtor Karen is a Mediator in the Ventura County Court system. Karen will speak about her experiences as a mediator along with the goals of mediation, which are to speed resolution of cases by bringing the parties together before they have made a major economic and emotional investment in litigation, and to increase awareness of this effective method of alternative dispute resolution.

December 9th – Christmas Carolers from a local high school (tentative)

Meetings held in-person 

11:30 am PST- Meet and Greet

12:00 pm PST- Meeting Starts

How to Attend

 Cost $20 

Live and in person

at the

Posada Royale Hotel
1775 Madera Road, Simi Valley

Reserve a seat with Kat Shepherd, kath@focus-agency.com

Everyone welcome! Seating is limited.

Questions about membership

Email Kat Shepherd, VP of Membership at kath@focus-agency.com.  

Below are photos from past meetings.